About Eat Well Do Good

We Are Intentional Educators

Eat Well Do Good strives to educate individuals, family members, and businesses that people of all abilities can contribute and provide value to a working community.

We Help Deliver Equitable Employment

Eat Well Do Good provides employment opportunities for individuals who are disabled and promotes fair employee compensation. Practical skillbuilding and purposeful mentorship create a beneficial experience for all.

We Support Authentic Inclusion

Eat Well Do Good intentionally integrates people with disabilities into communities through inclusive programing, designed to focus on capabilities. Everyone’s time is valuable and everyone is valued.

We Aim to Work Towards Fulfilling Futures

Eat Well Do Good participants receive an authentic experience that encourages independence and helps them reach their goals. Families see their loved ones thriving, and communities are impacted positively as more people are included in the community fabric.

How Eat Well Do Good Began

In 2017, EWDG founders Mandy Anderson and Aaron Johnson opened Lake Effect Kitchen with the purpose of creating meaningful work experience and paid jobs for young adults with disabilities in the Grand Haven area. After operating for more than four years, and working with almost 20 interns and employees with disabilities, they saw a need to offer more one-on-one job support, and also a need for more people with disabilities to obtain paid jobs. In order to be able to access funding to grow the business in this area, they decided to start a nonprofit organization, EWDG, to run alongside LEK to help meet its goals of hiring and mentoring more of this population. Lake Effect Kitchen offers weekly meal prep and an entire range of catering services in and around Grand Haven.